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🎉🎉奧蘭多好消息!Orlando Good News!🎉🎉🌺8th Acid-Base Balance DDS Bio-Electric Therapy Training Course 第八

🎉🎉奧蘭多好消息!Orlando Good News!🎉🎉🌺8th Acid-Base Balance DDS Bio-Electric Therapy Training Course 第八期奥兰多DDS三合一生物电渗析技术培训班这周末即将开课!!!🌺已经成功举办7班,第8班这周末即将开始!机会难得!名额有限! 时间Time: 8/25, 8/26, 8/28 地址Address: 奥兰多 Orlando FL 🎊由华林公司中级教练,DDS生物电技术专家 宋老师Celia Song和医生团队Dr. Sonny Lim, Dr. Zilan Hu 授课。考试合格后华林公司颁发《初级技术资格证书》, 初级班学费每人380美元+公司证书申请费50美元。为确保学习和教学质量,小班授课,学员名额有限。这是一门可以自我养生,家庭保健,可以直接嫁接美容院,推拿店,物理治疗,针灸诊所等的特色技术。🎊Training course will be taught by DDS Expert & Professor Celia Song, and Dr Sonny Lim, Dr Zilan Hu. After passing final exams, HuaLin Acid-Base America Co. will issue you “Primary DDS Therapist Certificate.” Course tuition is $380 per student. Certificate fee is $50 plus 3 passport photos. 📝 In order to ensure class quality, class will be small, seats will be limited. DDS is a technology that can greatly benefit yourself and others around you. It can also be easily implemented into beauty salons, massage shops, physical therapies, acupuncture clinics, and etc. 🌷课程时间表 Class Schedule: 8/25/2018 Sat周六: 10:00am-6:00Pm 8/26/2018 Sun周日: 10:00am -6:00pm 8/28/2018 Tues周二: 10:00am -5:00pm (周二推出肩周炎课以及培训考试Shoulder Periarthritis Class on Tues+ Final exams) 🌻上课请带: 请各位上课的学员准备好培训使用的1台机器、1条膏油、1桶苜蓿粉,1-2条纯棉毛巾(洗脸毛巾大小)、正极板绝缘脚垫(瑜伽垫材质)、笔记本和笔, 以及申请初级证书的1张驾照ID复印件, 3张2x2”护照照片, 学费$380和制证费$50。为方便培训期间室内走动,建议准备一双拖鞋。 Everyone Must Bring To Class: 1) 1 dds machine, 1 massage cream, 1 powder 2) 100% cotton towels 3) floor mat (about 2'x2') 4) notebook and pens 5) legit photo ID copy (ie, driver license) 6) 3 passport photos 7) a pair of plastic/rubber slipper 8)Tuition $380 and certificate fee $50 📕学员报名需全名接龙 Course Registration 注:此技术培训根据华林公司规定只对已加盟的连锁店、其店员或个人加盟商开放。如已报名学习但还没加盟的小伙伴,以及上课具体地址,请向胡医生了解: (407) 708-3188, 谢谢。Note: According to HuaLin Company regulations, this technical training is only open to joined members. Any questions, and for specific training address, please contact Dr. Hu: (407) 708-3188. Thanks.

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