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🎉💐Congratulations on our Eighth Orlando DDS Bio-Electric Therapy Training!!! 💐🎉

💐 DDS Specialist and Professor Celia Song was also invited to teach DDS in both North Carolina and Houston, Texas in August.👍🏻 For people who want to attend the annual New York Conference and DDS Intermediate Class at the end of September must graduate from the DDS Primary Training first. Celia Song has been invited again to Houston, Texas to teach DDS from 9/17-9/19, and then will go to the annual New York conference to teach the Intermediate level class of a few hundred people from 9/28-9/30. (Intermediate level is the highest level in the USA so far.) For October to November, Celia Song has been invited for DDS in China, Brunei, and Taiwan. For the convenience of new members, we will open a final primary class in Orlando in mid September. Please treasure this opportunity to register. To ensure class quality, seats will be limited. Thanks.

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