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Prevention is Key! Detox your body! 🌿☯️

A water pipe has become like this in only a few years! And what happens to our body when it has been used for decades? Are you sure you don’t need body detox? TCM saying: Cold congeals, causing congestion and blockage, causing tumors then cancer. Your health is yours! Early prevention is much better than later hospital treatments, which will not only cause a lot more than prevention but also might be too late. Detox your body to prevent more serious problems later on! 一根水管,几年后就变成了这个样子! 而我们的身体使用了几十年会怎样呢? 你要知道: 寒则凝,凝则淤, 淤则堵,堵则瘤,瘤则癌 不是人人都懂养生,但是人人都需要养生,都需要健康! 你的健康你做主!要做好通,调,养,补,固!你做到了哪一步?主动预防胜于后期的被动医院治疗! 你确定你的身体不需要疏通排毒 —————————————— 

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