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Case: DDS For Gout 👌🏻🌷 DDS 调理痛风 

The DDS therapist didn't do much, just dredging/cleaning the “human sewers”: through the meridians, through the intestines, through the blood vessels, and then the body function became better and the health improved. It’s another case of gout being alleviated by our meridian unblocking new therapy. It’s a new technology that can detox human body effectively. After a course of treatment, the gout crystals are gradually discharged from the knee joints, thanks to DDS Bio-Electric Therapy. 👍🏻😊🙏 DDS 调理痛风👏🏻 DDS理疗师没有做很多,只是疏通人体下水道的。通经络、通肠道、通血管,然后人体功能就自己好起来了。 💞又一例痛风石通过我们疏通人体下水道的经络渗析技术调理一个疗程之后,从膝关节排出痛风结晶体😱感恩我们的技术,给无数“三通”堵塞的人带去健康🙏🙏🙏

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